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Freestyle kayaking is a white water discipline where the participants perform a range of acrobatic tricks and maneuvers on a standing feature such as a wave or hole. The discipline is enjoyed by many as a recreational sport and at the top level by those participating in competitions both nationally and internationally. The sport has rapidly developed in recent years and continues to evolve with new, more dynamic moves being performed.

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Post by Colm » Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:48 pm

Hi Folks,

Unfotunately there is no "official" Irish Freestyle website at the moment so Seanie has kindly offered us a forum section on

We will be adding additional sub-sections as and when needed.

Niamh Cleary and myself will be moderating so any abusive, off-topic or inappropriate posts will be edited/deleted as necessary.

All the Best,
Colm Healy
Irish Freestyle Committee

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