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Read this before Posting or Reading!!!

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:23 pm
by Seanie
The IWW Accident Database is based on the AW Accident Database. It is hoped that it will provide information on Irish whitewater accidents and close calls. The end result will be to identify possible trends and risk factors on certain rivers.These reports will then be linked to the river guide.

Great detail is not needed, simply outcomes on their own would help greatly.
Please submit your own accounts.
1. Check and see if there is a thread for the river you wish to submit a report or comment on. Use the forum search function.

2. Try to stick to the format
Suggested Report Headings
  • Date
  • River
  • Section
  • Injury(s)
  • Weather
  • River conditions
  • Report
3. Share your feedback and comments about the system. So we can continue to improve on the system


Please stick to facts and remember that the function of this database is not to apportion blame and should be told from neutral point of view. It is not necessary to include names of individuals and in some cases it would be advised to not include names. has a strict neutral point of view (NPOV) policy, which basically states that our mission is best served not by advancing or detracting particular points of view on any given subject, but by trying to present a fair, neutral description of the facts - among which are the facts that various interpretations and points of view exist. (Of course, there are limits to which points of view are worth mentioning.)

There could be content posted here that you don't agree with or that you don't think is accurate, so use the comments function, email us or even better submit an altered review. The facts will win out and anything false will be removed promptly.

Note: Please also read the site's Disclaimer