What Causes Water to Get into the Watch?

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What Causes Water to Get into the Watch?

Post by alexsamuel » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:43 am

Water resistance issues most often arise from improper use. Someone, contrary to instructions, walks in the shower to the bathhouse for hours. Others dive into the water after a long sun exposure. At the same time, watches heated in the sun are rapidly cooled, different parts change in size at different speeds, their deformation occurs, and droplets of moisture get inside.

The client does not even notice this, but the water has already entered the mechanism and begins to corrode the parts. It happens that a person goes on vacation, unscrews the head, transfers the time to a new time zone, and forgets to tighten or screw it up to the end. As a result, the watch loses its water resistance, and after the first bathing, water gets into it. Some press buttons under water. We recommend taking it regularly.

Sometimes owners complain about the presence of perspiration in the online watch rafiqsonsonline.com, and in the workshop they say that everything is in order. Who is right?

Workshop. If the device shows that at the moment under test conditions the case is tight, it means that water could get into it at another time, in other conditions that arose as a result of some violations of the operating rules. For example, those that I just talked about.

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