Why is the tape torn in a point while Packing Items?

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Why is the tape torn in a point while Packing Items?

Post by alexsamuel » Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:15 am

This is a phenomenon that everyone knows: the adhesive tape that tears into a point. In addition to being terribly annoying, this phenomenon appears as universal for many other everyday objects. Where does this phenomenon come from?

A universal tearing

The adhesive tape , if rolled out too quickly , inevitably causes a triangular piece ending in a point . This has the gift of angering the user who has not been able to obtain the desired tape length. This phenomenon is not isolated because it concerns other materials: wallpaper, advertising posters but also the sheet of plane . As surprising as it may seem, the airplane sheet can also get such tears if it cut in half because of a crease.

It is this separation from an abnormal fold of the material that causes tearing in a point . And even more surprising: all the points are identical and superimposable . Even those from pieces of different lengths.

An experiment to understand the phenomenon of tape tearing
To try to understand this phenomenon, a team of researchers has established an experimental protocol to recreate in a controlled way the experience of the adhesive tape while packaging wellpackeurope.com. In this experiment, the adhesive tape is homogeneous, the unwinding of the tape is done mechanically and the whole is filmed by a camera.

Thanks to this experience, the researchers discovered that everything was happening because of the "tear crease" . In fact, when one begins to draw on the ribbon, elastic energy accumulates in the fold between the two notches. If you continue to shoot with more force, the energy travels through the cracks and the tape breaks. It is thus the proof that the fold serves as reserve of energy for the fissures which will provoke later the tearing in tip.

Each material shapes a different triangle from tearing. This form of triangle depends on the adhesion to the support, the flexibility of the material and the resistance of the latter to rupture . More simply, it means that the stronger the glue of an adhesive tape, the more the ribbon will bend when you shoot and the energy concentrated on the crease will be strong, and the more the cracks will quickly come closer to provoke. the tearing of the ribbon.

In conclusion, no solution for the adhesive tape
There is no solution to prevent the tape from tearing in a point . The only remedy is to pull less on the tape when it is unfolding ... Remedy that everyone already knows

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