Car, 2 boats & gear stolen

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Car, 2 boats & gear stolen

Post by Adrians » Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:57 pm

Hi all,

Last night my car 03-02-2008 (03 D - BMW 735) was stolen outside of my house in Kilkenny, there were 2 boats on the roof bars. One was my Perception Mr. Clean (C1) & the other was my kid brothers Jackson Fun 1.

The house was broken into and the car keys taken from inside. The Garda Siochana ( CSI Kilkenny) say they think the car was stolen to order and more than likely is in Nothern Ireland by now soon to be on its way to the UK. The fact that there was kayaks on top and gear is just as they put it "very bad luck". There is a strong possiblity the the kit has just been chucked in some random ditch along the way.

I would really appricatre if anyone come accross some cheak kit for sale or of any "coming accross" some stuff to get in contact with me on 085 7854231 or [email protected]

A brief list of the kit;

Perception Mr Clean - C1 converted blue & green in colour, used condtion

Jackson Fun 1 - Near new condtion, Greenish in colour

Rough Stuff Tempest paddle 80% (small blade) about 165cm in lenght

Rough Stuff Savage C1 canoe paddle (Ireland Flag and name on it)

Peak Uk Cag deck, red in colour C1 deck attached size XL

Peak Uk Freestlye BA , black sixe L/XL

Peak Uk Cag deck, size XS blue

Peak UK Freestyle BA size S

2 Wildwater helmets

There is a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I can't think of at the moment, any help in finding or recovering any of the gear would be greatly appricated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Adrian Shanahan

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