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Flesk Access

Post by Seanie » Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:56 pm

Muirs on Irishfreestyle wrote:
Hey folks,

while sorting out access for the Riverjam recently a small issue came up that the farmer asked us to pass on. This guy owns all the land on river left from Clydagh bridge down, and has always been really helpful for us organising events.

He said he has absolutely no problem with people using his land for access (though he does think we are all nuts) but a recent group of paddlers apparently wandered through a field of small calves causing the poor little creatures to get upset. I gather this would've been somewhere in or around the 2nd gorge - a group walking out maybe. Anyway, like I said, he has no problem normally but he said please do stick close to the riverbank, and try and avoid fields with creatures in them.

Just thought I should pass on the message. It's always good to keep people like this on our side!


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