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Missing Kayak in the Midlands Area

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:02 pm
by Johnb
Hi all,
a request to paddlers out there to keep an eye out for a missing kayak. It was removed from the vicinity of Lough Ennell at the weekend. It’s a blue (2 toned with bits of white) river running Dagger GTX. In pretty good condition as its only about 6 months old. Distinguishing features… the clasp for adjusting the back rest (the ratchet type one on the rim of the cockpit) on one side is quite rusty, it has a 4 digit number written in black marker on the inside, begins with “17” but I cant remember the last 2 digits. Unfortunately I don’t have my name or number on it. If anyone comes across any sight or trace of it would really appreciate if you would contact me!


Mary Young