Rivers around borris in orssory

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Rivers around borris in orssory

Post by kmck » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:13 am

Hi just wondering are there any good grade two rivers around Borris in orssory, or nearby. I know it is only an hour from Kilkenny and the inny but is there any runs closer. It is for a freshers trip in a few weeks time. Will need directions to the get on and off please and any major features. Thanks

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Re: Rivers around borris in orssory

Post by Adrians » Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:25 am


The Inny would be a fair enough spin from where you are going to be, The Castleconnel in limerick is not much more than an hour away and would be the kind of thing that might do you. Kilkenny ie the Nore is about 45 mins from Borris in Ossary there are a couple of dirrerent sections that ye (UCD) would not have used before that woule be perfect for what ye want. When I get a bit more spare time today I'll pm you details. There is a section of the Nore in castletown not far from where you will be staying that has been paddled... but I've no proper details on it, you might have to recci it to see if it was sutiable or worth your while.


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