ICU AGM "Voting the facts"

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ICU AGM "Voting the facts"

Post by Adrians » Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:26 pm

Howdy folks,

As of late there has been massive interest in the up comming ICU AGM for all sorts of reasons. There has been some questions on who can and can't vote at an AGM etc and how the voting block work. I posted what I believed to be how it works but I did not have the full and official "FACTs", I contacted Mr Micheal Scanlon CEO of the Canoe Union and he replied to me in a swift manner with all the information I requested.

Please see the Infromation below, I have asked Sean to "lock" the topic so that the facts can be put out in a public forum without the bias of opnion either way. I hope that makes seance to people. (If you don't agree PM or Sean and it can be changed)

Please continue to discuss the topic in the previous thread.

Micheal Scanlon wrote: Adrian

Sorry for being so long winded in reply to your query.

When the Irish Canoe Union was originally set it and for many years after that, the Union was solely a club based organisation and each member of the Canoe Union had to be a member of a club registered with the Union.

Several years ago, possibly as far back as 1998, in recognition of the fact there were many individuals who wanted to become ICU members but did not necessarily want to be a member of an ICU Registered Club, the Canoe Union introduced Individual Membership. This allowed an individual register as an Individual Member of the Canoe Union as distinct from being a Member registered by an ICU Registered Club.

One of the distinctions between the two types of membership is that the fee for Individual Membership is paid by an individual and costs €20 per year; the fee for a Member registered by an ICU Registered Club is €10 and is paid by an ICU Registered Club on behalf of its ICU Registered Members. ICU Registered Clubs are not required to register all its members; only those members who either wish or require to be registered with the Canoe Union - for example, those who wish to compete in ICU competitions, need be registered. So you could have a situation where a club could have 50 members but only 20 are registered as members of the Canoe Union. The other 30 unregistered members while being recognised as members of an ICU Registered Club are not considered to be ICU Registered Members. Only ICU Registered Members i.e individuals who have been issued with an ICU Membership Card are covered by ICU insurance and can take part in ICU events.

Every Registered ICU Member whether registered by way of being an Individual Member or as a Member registered by an ICU Registered Club is issued with an ICU Membership Card. Individuals registered with the ICU Training & Development Unit are considered to be registered as Individual Members and enjoy the same rights and privileges as Individual Members.

All registered Canoe Union members (Article 4 iii ) can attend and speak at an ICU AGM but only individuals appointed as AGM Delegates can vote.

Votes for members registered by an ICU Registered Club

Each ICU Registered Club receives votes in direct proportion to the number of Senior ICU Registered Members within that club and as recorded on the ICU Registration Form submitted by that club to the Canoe Union Office. All clubs registered with the Canoe Union in the 12 months preceeding an ICU AGM automatically has 1 vote and 1 vote for each 10 Senior ICU Registered Members or part thereof up to a maximum of 12 votes. An example therefore would be a club with 25 senior members and 10 junior members (all of whom have been registered by the club with the ICU) would receive 1 vote for the club and 3 votes for its Senior ICU Registered Members (10 member/1 vote, 10 members/1 vote, and 5 member/1 vote) making a total of 4 votes. Another example would be a club with 150 senior members registered with the ICU. It would receive one vote for the club and 1 for each 10 Senior Registered Members up to a maximum of 12 votes. Therefore this club would receive the maximum 12 votes.

Votes for members registered as Individual Members

In order to mirror the already existing voting structure for clubs at an AGM, a motion was adopted at the 1995 (I think) AGM that voting blocs of individuals who had registered as Individual Members would also have a vote similar to that enjoyed by ICU Registered Clubs. The motion adopted was that a voting bloc of at least 10 Senior Registered Individual Members could cast 1 vote. Obviously if a voting bloc consists of 20 Senior Registered Members it would have 2 votes. Each voting blocs must have a minimum of 10 Senior Registered Individual Members. A Senior Individual Member is considered to be a person of 18 years of age. On the day of the AGM if a voting bloc of Individual Members is formed each bloc appoints an AGM Delegate from within the bloc to cast its vote.

Motions & Nominations

Presently only ICU Registered Clubs and/or the ICU Board of Management can put forward motions and nominations for an AGM and these must be in presented in accordance with Article 19 iv.

An anomaly that does exist within the ICU Articles is that an AGM Delegate must be 21 years of age; but a Senior ICU Member is considered to be 18 years of age. I have discussed this with ICU Executive Members and steps will be taken during this year's AGM to ensure that if there are any voting blocs present that they will be allowed cast their vote if none of the members of a bloc is 21 or over. A motion has been received from the University of Limerick Kayak Club to change the age of an AGM Delegate from 21 to 18 years of age. This motion has the full support of the ICU Board and is highly unlikely to be defeated.

Should you have any further questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Michael Scanlon

Irish Canoe Union

Sport HQ

Park West

Dublin 12

(01) 6251105

[email protected]

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Re: ICU AGM "Voting the facts"

Post by Seanie » Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:28 pm

Well done for emailing them and fair play for the comprehensive response from the ICU.

Locked , because we dont have to discuss it any more.