ICU and recreational paddlers.

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ICU and recreational paddlers.

Post by canned » Wed Aug 15, 2007 2:28 pm

Before I begin, I must point out that I'm not in any way trying to start an anti ICU thread or open the door to ICU bashing....

I spotted this topic on UKRGB: ... hp?t=27783
and if you read down through it, there are many valid and valuable points.

The original poster seems to have hit on something that people are interested in but doesn't seem to have thought it out very well....

I can see the point of view of insurance and dicsounts etc as benefits of membership but then how often are the Irish on the Tryweryn and what shop wouldn't give a discount if you push for it?

Living on the west coast, I'd have to agree that I don't see much in the way of ICU activity, excluding competitions. So, for a recreational paddler it does seem pretty pointless to be an ICU member.

Like I said, I don't want to criticize, I'm just asking what the point is and would admit to not refering to the ICU constantly to find out all that is going on.....

So, I was wondering what people's thoughts were about how such a thing would or could work.

mike jones
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Re: ICU and recreational paddlers.

Post by mike jones » Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:06 am

a complete load of rubbish. I read through the post of ukrgb forum and they all lead to the same conclusion, great concept, who will run it.

there are already 2 organisations which support recreational kayaking in ireland, the icu and irish freestyle club. if you want to see cahnge or develop something then join a commitee they are always crying out for people.

people will argue that these do focus on competition and that they give little money to recreational kayaking, but how will a free to join recreational association provide any more cash?

if you feel you are not getting your monies worth from your icu membership, first think why you joined? have those reasons changed? can you get more for your money, How? if you feel then your money is wasted then don't join again and write a letter to the icu explaining your case.

and don't forget the icu through the training and development unit has an exteremely well established skills and coaching scheme which is developed purely for the recreational kayaker.

can't beat an auld monday morning rant.

John Healy
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Re: ICU and recreational paddlers.

Post by John Healy » Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:41 pm

It seems pretty straight forward to me:

If you want to be an instructor/coach or take part in competitions then joining the ICU is a great idea and you should get your money back in terms of what they give you.

If on the other hand you want to paddle with your mates there's very little need to join the ICU- you can do proficiency courses wihtout being a member or just head out and have fun.

I don't really see a role that a recreational paddler union would do.

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Re: ICU and recreational paddlers.

Post by Seanie » Wed Aug 22, 2007 3:31 pm

Just to play devils advocate, what do people think a canoe union should do?

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Re: ICU and recreational paddlers.

Post by tiernan » Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:54 pm

like, the ICU do alot for the olympic paddling, which is a big deal in the world, and once freestyle becomes an olympic sport (inevidable with heads like eric jackson backing it) they'll prob put alot into that too.

they run the courses and training for decent prices (debateable i know) and they do help out, i was captain of TCD kayak club and any time i called them (esp for organising intervarsities) they were very helpful.

as for membership price, i dont know what it is usually but when i join through TCD kayak club, its E5 for the year. i've gotten that back on GOD's shopping discounts this year and then some, and it hasnt even hit christmas shopping time yet. also remember that you cant change an organisation if ur not involved so not partaking and bitching about how its run is hipocritical. join, get on the committee and influence decisions to your line of thinking, if they're popular ideas then they will be accepted if not they wont!

i dont see how recreational paddling needs help since its either done by club or a few mates on the weekend. what can the icu do to help (apart from increasing access to rivers which they are always negotiating on behalf of kayakers, farmers are stubborn at times tho).

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Re: ICU and recreational paddlers.

Post by canned » Fri Aug 24, 2007 7:26 pm

Right... it took me a while to think about this reply because, as mentioned in my first post, I never wanted this to become an ICU bashing thread.

My "what's the point in joining for recreational paddlers" question was not asked in frustration - it was an invitation for someone to say "Well, here are the benefits beyond shop discounts". That's completely it.

I was not suggesting an Irish organisation to support recreational paddlers and I wasn't suggesting that any such potential organisation should charge for "membership" in pennies or potatoes....

So, with that in mind I'll answer Seanie's question from my own perspective as it's closer to what I originally intended asking....

A national representative body for kayaking & canoeing should (I stress, in my opinion):
Source funding and distribute funding throughout all disciplines of the sport proportionately,
Operate completely transparently,
Ensure good communications to all members,
Provide for training and development for competition & recreational users,
Set standards and awards; allow these standards to evolve with this truly dynamic sport,
Ensure that fairness exists in all dealings with members,
Drive development through facilities,
Protect the sport by representing members on issues which threaten to risk any discipline.

There's probably more - and if I think of any more I'll edit the post to add, rather than reply again.

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