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Kayak and Snowboard Gear For Sale

Post by madmax » Mon Aug 13, 2007 4:44 pm

Just got home from a year in Sweden yesterday and heading off to live in London next Tuesday, so rather than clutter the folks house, I've decided to do the honourable thing and sell off the gear. Can't be bothered to transport it over and I will be off travelling around the world soon, so don't see much point in holding on to it because I will replace it all when I get back!

Black "Circle One" Long John style, Medium (I'm 181cm and fits me nicely), Few scratches on the butt and knee's but no cold spots and still does the trick. Will include "sub zero" thermal top with that and a set of booties.

Dry Cag:
Blue "Palm" XP50, As New condition and only used a handful of times. I think medium. Is a full dry cag with double seals (if my knowledge of this stuff doesn't let me down!) and a zipper pocket in the chest area.

White "White Water", I think a medium size (my head is awfully big according to some ;) ), few scratches and what not, but nothing large and no major bangs or knocks since I bought it new.

Boyancy Aid or Floatation Device (whatever tickles your fancy):
Red "Supertubes", Small size, perfect working order and holds me fine (80kg's!! Jesus, too many beers!) and a medium build

Blue "Palm" deck, the boxes ticked were "Classic deck" "roto4" and "36-46inches, 95-101cm, L/XL" Fitted my G-Force 6.1 nicely! Condition: As New

Gorillia's, "carbon X", I think roughly 2m with an 85degree angle (don't quote me, I'm not up to speed) Condition: As New

Frostfire Moonbag

"rad-air (moon)" Swiss Made, 159.5cm. I lived in Switzerland for a year and did a season with this (2 days per week as I worked the other 5 in Zurich!) In need of a service! Will do another season or 2 easily!

Boots and Bindings:
Rossignol step in bindings and boots, size 10.5 UK. I wear a 9-9.5 UK, so these were perfect i.e. allowing for my feet to swell! Condition very good.

K2 - Good condition, I bought it late in the season, so by that time I had already taken the big knocks and was sensible enough to buy a bloody helmet!

CEBE - Good condition. I wore sunglasses most of the season and again was forced to buy these late on.

Mambo "surf deluze", Size: Large, condition: excellent. Cost me £150 brand new a year ago! Padding all over and goddam warm! I've been in -20 before windchill with these babies and I was still sweating my ass off!

This stuff cost me a lot of money, but it is still second hand, so I'm not going to ask stupid money for it. For the right price I will sell it all together. Make me offers on stuff, I will clump together whatever you want me to throw in.

Get me on 07810396446 or PM me here. In Belfast.

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