Div 3 Novice Canoe Kayak Slalom event

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Div 3 Novice Canoe Kayak Slalom event

Post by davefarrell » Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:29 am

Division 3 / Novice Slalom Event
July 5th 2015
Ribbontail Paddlers Longwood Royal Canal
How do I enter my first race?
Just go along to any "Division 3" event, find "Control" and ask for an entry card and a Canoeing Ireland membership form if not already a member. You will be welcome! If you like you can get your entry in before the event: fill in on line form attached to event details on canoeing Ireland calendar this makes the organisation of the event easier.
At Division 3 events, Plastic Slalom Kayaks will be available to use if you do not have your own kayak
Division 3 Novice Competitions are held from May to October.
The prizes are medals and the junior under 18 entry is €5, Junior C.I membership €5 per year,
The programme is usually
Registeration Check in from 9am:
• Practice
• Individual Competition first runs 10am
• Team Events
• Open Race.
The main things to remember are:
• Put the number you have been given on your boat (use sticky tape) if bibs are not being used
• You start in number order or in age groups. Watch others at the start, and be there when your turn comes
• Try to get through all the gates - in the right order!
• When you've finished, wait for two more people to finish before you get off.
• Have Fun
• Go Home and practise and see if you can improve on your time at the next event

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