Dargle Landslide

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Dargle Landslide

Post by ham n salad » Thu May 10, 2012 1:47 pm

Hi guys,

Major land slide on the Dargle at the big hole below the main falls has put a half dozen big trees across the river. It has created a lethal strainer, running the falls would be potentially fatal with only two micro eddies before the land slide. Mandatory portage on River Left before the entry rapid to the falls. Portage from the common inspection point on river right is not possible. If running the Dargle take out river left before the entry rapid to the main falls and portage the entire section on river left up the steep path. If you know of anyone thinking of paddling the river in the next few days please inform them. We’ll have to get in there with a big gang and some chainsaws to clear it out when the water levels drop off.

Other than that the rest of the river is relatively clear of trees, at least as clear as it has been the last couple of weeks.



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