ICU : Draft Development & Strategy Update DRAFT

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ICU : Draft Development & Strategy Update DRAFT

Post by Seanie » Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:18 pm

Development & Strategy Update DRAFT - DRAFT - DRAFT
Dear Club Secretary,

After the recent AGM in November 2011 and at the first meeting of Canoeing Ireland’s Executive Pat MacAlinney the newly elected president appointed me as the Executive Member with direct responsibility for ‘Strategic Development’. This was in line with the mandate I received from the members and clubs attending, when they elected me based on a club centric approach to strategic development within our organisation.

Initially during the month of December and over the Christmas holiday period I commenced a process of consultation visiting clubs around the country to seek their views on the future of Canoeing Ireland and how we as an organisation can develop the sport and encourage greater levels of participation.

What became clear very quickly was a desire to see a more dynamic and outward looking Administration that was relevant and helpful to all clubs in the country, linking up central resources and technical committees with those clubs and organisations interested in broadening their canoeing experience. The issue of central information resources reaching out to clubs all around the country was a recurring theme. This varied from just trying to locate a club, to trying to get advice on how to source funding for a club construction project.

Strategic development is only possible if the organisation collectively has a vision of where it wants to be in the coming years. A shared vision can be supported with a clear “Mission Statement” which briefly defines what needs to be achieved and when, to realise the “Shared Vision”.

I have included with this email two documents outlining how to create both a vision & a mission statement. For those of you interested in getting involved in creating a shared vision of the future of our organisation I invite you to respond with samples and suggestions before the 29th February.

After seeking ideas and feedback from the membership It is intended to hold a major strategic planning meeting of members and club representatives to discuss all the information gathered through the consultation process and to build on that, to produce an inclusive strategic development plan that all stakeholders can understand and feel part of.
In conclusion I look forward to reading your responses over the coming weeks.

Yours Sincerely.

Mark Clinton
Executive Member
(Development & Strategy)
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